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So what does the world
really think of Joyce
-- (according to Googlism,
an independent source that
uses the Google engine)???

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Borges and Joyce by Carlos Gamerro -- Monday Sept 16 - 6:00 pm -- Glucksman Ireland House NYU
W h a t ' s   n e w ?
Borges and Joyce by Carlos Gamerro Mon Sept 16 - 6:00 pm Ireland House NYU
IJJF Conference Schedule 2019
Early days of the Joyce Society Zack Bowen's recollections

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The James Joyce Society, founded in 1947, is devoted to the appreciation of the life, works, and significance of the Irish author (1882-1941). Meetings take place several times a year in New York City as announced. (Formerly, meetings took place at the Gotham Book Mart, a landmark bookstore and writers' center, which unfortunately is now closed.) [more]

Programs: The 2018 program schedule [more] Membership: Print out the application form to join or renew The James Joyce Society for 2018 ....[more]
Gallery: View original art, illustrations, and photography from The James Joyce Society collection ....[more] The Gotham Book Mart is now closed, this world-renowned haven for New York writers, founded in 1920, is remembered in a famous 1948 photograph (in slide show, top left).
Archive: Past events included Bloomsday celebrations and Fall and Spring programs...[more] Links: Follow links to the Finnegans Wake Society of New York and selected Joyce web pages for text, criticism, media, and discussion....[more]

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